The longest day of the year is fast approaching and that means long BBQ’s at friends and an extra few hours to either kick, bowl or bounce your favourite balls. So you’re going to have to wear something that feels comfortable, cool and chic. That’s right, it’s time to grab your polo shirts. Here’s our top four styles:

  1. The Plain Polo

The polo shirt is a summer classic and an essential for every guys wardrobe. They come in a variety of block colours and unlike the rugby shirt, they seem to break down age barriers; whether you’re in your tempting 20′s or fatherly 40′s, they’ll always work. Get the right colour and fit and almost anyone can look great in a plain classic polo shirt.

  1. The Striped Polo

The striped polo is just like the classic style, but adds a little more variety into the mix. A classic golf shirt, the striped polo should be worn with a pair of chinos or even under a well fitted blazer.

  1. The Contrast Polo

The second alternative to the plain style. By trying a polo shirt in a contrasting hue, you’re leaving the well-dressed world behind and stepping into a stylish realm. The contrasting colours also provide a variety of shades to subtly co-ordinate with.

  1. The Long Sleeve Polo

The long sleeve polo is probably more suited to us fellas living here in the UK. A little more dressier than its short sleeved cousin, they have the added benefit of keeping your arms warm when the weather turns foul. Pair one of these with some Oliver Peoples glasses and you’ll look like a casual Clark Kent…in a good way!

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