Website Design

Understanding the fundamental premise of site designing

When designing a site, this stage of analysis is basic, and it is precisely on the basis of the work on the audit evaluation that the future success of the project should be programmed. Therefore, in the framework of the feasibility study, the following studies are carried out in the most detailed way. Carrying out an analytical assessment of the objectives and opportunities for their full realization

Analysis of competitors’ sites

This event will be marked with the most appropriate sections and programming tools. Carry out a detailed study of your company’s marketing policy, tactics and strategy and learning the motivation and needs of potential partners and the target audience of your project. After the pre feasibility study, you should get a detailed report, including the following points

Detailed description of the objectives and tasks of the future project

  • Justification of reliability and key aspects of the tasks
  • Overview of the primary risk factors in the design of the project (site)
  • Detailed list of major competitive projects, substantiating their merits and deficiencies
  • Description of the fundamental advantages of your site compared to existing competitors’ projects
  • Description of recommended strategies for effective SEO optimization of your company’s project
  • A detailed functional conclusion, in which the basic components of the future project are included subsequently, this conclusion becomes the basis of a technical assignment for the site.


Design   an integral part of the complex work on the site. This part deals with the formation of the information and functional structure of the project, its design and its program part. The primary stage of designing is characterized by the design of the design concept, the subsequent stage of work   this is the design of the interface, functionality and informative part of the site.

Several technical aspects of the prototype

Several people, a designer, a programmer, and a project manager are triggered in the process of designing the site, which together create a so called prototype of the site. The prototype affects the basic, nodal pages about the future work of a site. The prototype contains a description of structural elements graphics and navigation, ideas for information placement, registration forms, and subscription and search forms. Such a detailed description is made for each individual page of the site. To get professional help you must opt for the LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Designing the interface can be seen as a separate step in the making of a site

As well as running parallel to the other work. Regardless of our choice, the basic parameter that is particularly important when designing the user interface is convenience. This is the so called usability indicator   one of the key factors determining the site’s performance.

Understanding the various elements of web site designing and its target

What matters is not the opinion of the admin, but that of the public, of the website’s target. The contents must be of high quality, and must reflect not the tastes of the admin, but the trends of the moment, take the counterattack. I like it or I do not like it is not to those who create the site, but to the user who clicks on it.

How to create a website? Considering the Target and the Design

Before leaving, you need to know the way and define the website’s target. You would never leave without having first set the GPS, no? In the same way, even before starting to build a business, it is essential to know what is expected of it , what is expected to be achieved, what goals are expected. Knowing where you arrive is as important as knowing where you start from.

In an era like ours, where we are so used to getting everything right away, the same criterion also seems legitimate for success. But the truth is that even the instant stars we see every day have worked hard to get where they are even behind the newcomer VIP is behind a public relations and image that we do not know, behind the best seller there is always a huge marketing job. This is just to give some examples. To get professional help you can always opt for the LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

In essence, success is created, does not appear from nowhere. Going around bragging about how it will break in the coming months does not make any sense if you do not have a precise plan in mind. Indeed, it’s just a waste of time that could be used better.

Why concentrate so much and immediately on the goal?

Why not face problem after problem, step by step? Why is it necessary to start immediately with a clear idea in mind?

  • It helps you focus on what matters
  • It helps you prepare for any problems
  • It can guide you towards critical decisions

If you have a limited budget, knowing the goals, the goals, helps you decide what you need to cut and what not.

Having a very specific plan to develop a website is essential to guide your every decision. It is not even so complicated to create a plan, just even sit down and ask yourself some questions. If it can help, these are important points from which you should start in the creation of a website (of course these are only indications, each project is in itself).

Customer care

It is essential to decide on it from the beginning, since we must immediately have all the resources to satisfy the users’ requests

Develop a website for various purposes

Not all goals are similar and there will always be more important factors than others. For this it is important to try to draw up a ranking, make a ranking of the most important goals to be achieved.

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